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Rekey Residential Locks in Orlando, FL

All American Locksmith is your go-to contact for all services concerning keys and locks. We carry brands Schlage, Kwikset, Arrow, Yale, Medeco, Baldwin, Emtek and many more. We will be glad to draw you up a free security concept customized to your specific needs.

Our Services

All American Locksmith

Master rekey system

All American Locksmith

All type of locks repair or replace

All American Locksmith

Comprehensive security concepts

All American Locksmith

Supply & install deadbolt locks

All American Locksmith

Rekey all variety of locks both commercial and residential

The Journey of Locksmith Services

The world is ever-changing and locksmith services have changed with it. Initially, a locksmith would work for hours cutting screws and doing file-work. Then mass production began, and the locksmith’s role changed into repairing locks or swapping parts out. Today locksmiths install new locks, replace lost keys for homes and automobiles, and more.     

Rekey residential locks in a door in Orlando, FL


The locksmith finds the level of risk and creates a plan using security layers to keep the customer safe from intrusion. The locksmith today can take on several different roles, and some of them specialize in specific areas such as mobile, commercial and institutional or a master key system specialist.


Today, locksmiths can have certifications from locksmith associations or a manufacturer, and these are more important than certificates of course completions. The locksmith must continue to continually train because the technology continues to change at a fast pace. It only makes sense that the locksmith would have to change with the needs of the customer to keep their business active.


Over the years American Locksmith has evolved with the proliferation of technology. We use the latest techniques and equipment to make your homes and offices safe. All American Locksmith is more than you regular locksmith - we are your trusted security consultants.

All American Locksmith

Make keys

All American Locksmith

Install locks

All American Locksmith

Make transponder keys

All American Locksmith

Higher quality-lock key sets

All American Locksmith

Master systems and keying

All American Locksmith

Change existing door hardware

All American Locksmith

Implement, design & manage locking systems

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